Candace Patterson

Project Manager

Candace Patterson completed her bachelor’s degree in biology at UMass Amherst in 2004.  Upon graduation, she received her first job at The Broad Institute in the Altshuler lab and helped develop Sequenom iPLEX genotyping.  As her career developed and she moved into project management and supervising lab technicians, genotyping and sequencing technologies evolved making genome-wide associated studies possible.  In addition to working on type II diabetes, Candace managed projects and grants for additional principal investigators studying cardiovascular traits and disease, obesity, RA, and diabetic nephropathy.  After 10 years at The Broad Institute, Candace went to Perkin Elmer for two years as a project manager working in Integrated Solutions to provide custom automated workstations for clinical diagnostic labs.  She rejoins The Broad Institute as a senior project manager to focus solely on cardiovascular disease projects led by the Kathiresan lab.

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