Rosalice Pontes

Administrative Assistant

Rosalice joins the Center for Genomic Medicine department as a Staff Assistant to Dr. Kathiresan. She graduated from Framingham State University with a Bachelors in Political Science and Sociology. Rosalice comes to us from Boston Medical Center where she was a Patient Care Coordinator in the Plastic Surgery Department. Her hobbies include traveling, eating and spending time with her large family.

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  1. Dear Kathiresan Lab,

    My name is Sahithi Pogula and I am a 10th grader at Hopkinton High School. I am writing to you with regards to a possible opportunity for an internship at your research facility in the summer. I would greatly appreciate it if I could further discuss possible opportunities in working with this group!

    I am personally highly interested in the areas of genetic engineering and the possibilities of implementing computer models within it. I believe that utilizing this connection is the way into the future, and also an area of incredible scientific research. Two years ago, when I was first introduced to the world of Cas9 CRISPR gene-editing, I became immediately interested. As I spent more time delving into it and researching, I realized that the CRISPR technology has rather minor obstacles holding it back from becoming the revolutionary technology that it has the possibility to become. One major obstacle among these was the off-target editing errors (when the Cas9 protein, in accordance with the guide strand, cleaves/edits at the wrong points). Using machine learning algorithms, I was able to develop a solution to accurately identifying these areas of error beforehand. I also developed a methodology of accurately identifying drug action/metabolism pathways, relative to an inputted drug, quite efficiently.

    As my research pushed me to look for guidance, I came upon the Kathiresan Lab. The work that is happening at Kathiresan Lab absolutely fascinates me.

    To say less, I would greatly appreciate the idea of interning at such an amazing institute. I feel as though I would be a perfect fit due to my prior experience in this field as well as my quickness to adapt to new environments.

    I will send any reference information if required. Hoping to work with you soon!

    Thank you,
    Sahithi Pogula


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